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Articles & Books:

Misc. Writen Peices

Tao Te Ching
Originally attributed to Lao-tzu,, ~200-400BC
Translated by Stephen Mitchel

Nautural Language Processing, uninteligent text processing: PDF
By Jeff Plotkin, 12-01-2005
An short introduction to natural langugage processing and explination of possible future capibilites of NLT systems coupled with logic programming and a unified database of fundemental mathematical and scientific facts. The technology outlined in this paper is similar to some of the technology portaryed on the telicision show 'Star Trek The Next Generation'.

Conceptual Systems: HTML | PDF
By Jeff Plotkin, 05-12-2003
A breif introduction to conceptual systems in contrast to physical systems and a focus on the nature of physysical systems as conceptual systems.

Political Pressure System
By Jeff Plotkin, unfinished since 10-25-2003
A theory for holding governements, comapnies and socially influential oranizations accountable for their actions by using computerized and networked systems and statistically analisis.

Memory Argument Alpha
By RatJed
Just a little logical rambling.

Conversation with G
By RatJed
Imagine a voice in the void.

"AIDS and your son are no excuse to kill"
By RatJed, 1999
An early look into a future in animal rights and activism.

The Project Gutenberg Etext of Physics and Politics by Walter Bagehot
This is an interesting treatises on the application of the principles of 'natural selection' and 'inheritance' to 'political society'.

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