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By: Jeff Plotkin
The Political Pressure System (beta):
A Mathematical Political Feedback System

Main Features:

- A political pressure vote must be as secure, anonymous and official as a normal political vote.
- Each registered voter must only be allowed to submit one entry.
- The validity of the result must be determined by these factors:

- - The ratio of submissions to officially registered citizens
- - The probability of fraudulent submissions
- - The probability of submissions by misinformed voters
- - Valid selective comparison of previous results

Physical requirements:

- Internet servers
- Secure data collection and storage software
- Advanced mathematical analysis software
- Litigation/Legislation


- The system must collect as much data as possible from as many voters as possible.
- The data must be processed into a specific useable format.
- Litigation must require the following government officials to review all relevant data before making decisions or casting votes *1:

- - The president
- - Members of congress
- - Federal bureaucrats
- - State governors, representatives and bureaucrats
- - City and town mayors, representatives and bureaucrats
- - Private/public corporate executives and board members *2
- - Non-profit organization executives and board members *3

- When one of the previously mentioned individuals makes a decision or casts a vote they will also submit a similar survey to the one they review, except:

- - It will outline the reason the decision was made

- All questions on the survey will be on a scale such as 0 to 5 or 0 to 10. The lowest value will represent 'strongly against' and the highest value will represent 'strongly for'

- - The middle value will represent null and will be the value by default

- - - If no values on the submission are changed it will have no effect on the survey


- Political: 

- - The aforementioned officials that review the servey will be completly free to make what ever decision or cast whatever vote what want provided that:
- - They review and understand the survey
- - Understand what their obligation to the voters/citizens is
- - Understand the validity of the survey

- - - The validity will be complex and may vary either from question to question or section to section

- Legal:

- - The information of both the voter survey and government officials survey will be admissible in court based on:

- - - The validity of the survey

- - Both surveys will be public information *4
- - Government organizations and individuals will be held accountable for the outcome of decisions that are divergent from the survey based on:

- - - Amount of divergence from the survey
- - - Reason for divergence
- - - Significance of the individual or organizations divergence
- - - Validity of the apparent divergence
- - - Validity of both surveys

- - All corporations and non-profit organization that are required to review the survey can also be held accountable for divergence based on the same criteria as government officials.

- - - The accountability of corporations and organizations will be derived from:
- - - The assets of the company including:

- - - - Control of natural resources
- - - - Ownership of land
- - - - Value of accounts, stocks and bonds
- - - - All physical materials, such as computers, buildings, vehicles and factories

- - - The gross product of the company
- - - The profit or loss margin
- - - The number of employees
- - - The social influence of the organization *5

Voting Equality:

- Voters can use their own computer

- - If voters plan to use their own computer they may be required to provide certain extra information such as:

- - - The internet provider name
- - - The location of computer that will be bound to the voter *6
- - - The validity of the voter's submission will also be affected by the specific probability of that voter's submission being either:

- - - - Fraudulent or erroneous

- Computers that are as accessible as the standard polls will be provided for free

- Individuals must pass a simple test to qualify that:

- - They have the basic skills required to participate in the computerized survey

- - - Individuals that can not pass the test may take a free class that:

- - - - Is as accessible as the location of the polls
- - - - Is scheduled at a time and date prior to official decision making/votes and that will meet the needs of all voters

- - - If the voter still can not pass the test after taking the class, the class can be repeated until the voter passes or the voter can take a paper version of the test (scantron)

- - - - If a voter is not able to fill out paper survey, special accommodations must be made to suit the individual


*1 For the full scope of this theory to be realized litigation will have to be extensive and will not come about instantly
*2 The extent to which corporations must review the survery(s) is the same as their legal acountability
*3 The extent to which non-profit organizations must review the survery(s) is the same as their legal acountability
*4 Similar to the US census
*5 This factor will have its own validity
*6 Does not have to be the voters residence   Page Generated on 2024-Apr-21 20:01:08 pm America/New_York timezone    Contact   Distractions   Top of Page 
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